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  • Plush Play Pillow & Device Holder
  • My Padimals are the cuddly, plush play pillows that hold tablets, phones or books and makes reading or screen time even more fun. My Padimals have a sturdy built-in shelf that holds any device or book at the perfect height, so it helps keep kids sitting upright. And they have a large back pocket to keep your tablet safe plus two side pockets for storing pencils, earphones and more. There’s two super cute characters to choose from – Una the pink unicorn or Danny the green dinosaur – and they make the perfect pals for reading, colouring, gaming and playing. Your kids will love using My Padimals for home learning, bedtime stories, video chats and car rides. Plus they’re super soft to cuddle with too.


  • Features:
  • Plush play pillow that holds tablets, notebooks, books, phones & more!
  • Choose from two cuddly characters – Una the Unicorn or Danny the Dinosau
  • Sturdy built-in shelf
  • Holds any device or book at the perfect height – helps keep kids sitting upright
  • The perfect pals for reading, creating, playing, gaming and learnin
  • Large back pocket keeps tablets safe
  • Two built-in side pockets for easy storage of pencils, phone, earphones & more
  • Super soft to cuddle with
  • Great for reading bedtime stories, video chats, car rides & home learning
  • Perfect gift for kids
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Size: 32cm wide

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