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Premium Stretch Gel Cushion

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Premium Stretch Gel Cushion 

Create An Effortless At-Home Or On-The-Go Spa With This Neck Massage Pillow.

You Will Feel The Comfort The First Time You Touch It.
Its Soothing Gel And Flexible Structure Make It A Great Versatile Massager For Your Back, Waist, Ankles, And More!
Especially Able To Support The Pressure Of The Head And Neck.
Improves Blood Circulation, Can Be Used For The Neck, Thighs, Back To Help Reduce Pain.
The Gel Is Super Soft And Comfortable.
The Vent Can Distribute The Pressure Appropriately.
Portable Size Can Be Used Anywhere
Can Be Washed.
Material: Gel & Polyester
Dimensions: 27 X 9.5 X 8.5cm

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