Play Doh Zoom Zoom Vacuum Cleanup Set


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Play Doh Zoom Zoom Vacuum Cleanup Set

Zoom zoom the play doh vacuum. Your trusty cleanup companion.

This kid’s cleaning set comes with a toy vacuum cleaner and fun tools to encourage kids to get creative and tidy up after themselves.

Really picks up play-doh pieces. A kids vacuum that really works.

Yay just put the empty can inside, roll over some small play-doh bits, and zoom zoom picks them up and puts them back in the can. 6 cleanup toy accessories.

The sprinkle maker, sponge Mold, pretend spray bottle, brush, dustpan, and paper towel roller bring fun ways to shape and squeeze play doh compound.

5 play doh colors. 2 ounce cans in 5 different colors including pink, purple, orange, blue, and green, plus an empty can to collect the play-doh bits. Contains wheat.

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