Play Doh Silly Snacks Burger N Fries


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Play Doh Silly Snacks Burger N Fries

Create the silliest pretend snacks around with the play-doh kitchen creations burger n fries playset.

This kids’ playset comes with 2 plastic buns with molds underneath to create make-believe burger patties and cheese. Use the 6 stampers to make toppings like pretend lettuce, onion, egg, and more

The fry-making tool uses the rail to make 3 play-doh French fry shapes like silly steak fries, shoestring, or crinkle. Also use the tool to squeeze crazy condiments like pretend ketchup.

This play food set comes with 1-ounce cans of play-doh compound in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, and brown. Contains wheat.

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