Play Doh Playground Pack Raptor Roller


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Play Doh Playground Pack Raptor Roller

  • Roll dino footprints.
  • This velociraptor toy is holding a fun footprint stamper!
  • Roll it along some play-doh modeling compound and watch the dino tracks appear.
  • Colourful creations. Build blue and orange play-doh plants, trees, eggs, a volcano, or anything you can imagine to make playtime perfectly prehistoric.
  • 2 play-doh colours in 1 can. 2 ounces of dual-colour, non-toxic play-doh modeling compound in a single can makes for open-ended dinosaur play.
  • Contains wheat.
  • Dino toy for kids 3 years and up. Kids that are crazy for dino creations will love this arts and crafts set as an activity or gift for birthdays or holidays.

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