Play Doh Pizza Oven Playset


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Play Doh Pizza Oven Playset

Imagine the creative ideas they will cook up with this pizza oven toy for kids 3 years and up. It makes a great birthday or holiday gift, or just a fun arts and crafts activity.

Stamp a make-believe crust. To start, add compound and press the top to stamp out a round play-doh

Pizza crust and send it spinning out of the oven.

There are 8 pizza-themed accessories.

Kids can play pretend chef with the classic look of the cheese grater, the pizza paddle with fun molds, the serving and slicing tools, the pizza box, roller, and 2 plates.

Over 25 pretend toppings to choose from.

The play food tools throughout this play-doh set feature lots of molds to make pretend pepperoni onion, make believe mushrooms, and so much more.

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