Play Doh Frog Colors Starter Set


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Play Doh Frog Colors Starter Set

Adorable froggy friend.

Preschool toys like this frog toy set let kids play pretend and explore colours with fun creative activities for kids ages 3 to 5.

Make play doh bugs, grow the frog’s silly long tongue, and more.

Match and sort colors. Create play doh bugs, butterflies, and lily pads with the cutters and Molds, then arrange them by colour to match the lily pads on the playmat.

A perfect play doh starter set. Help them discover the joy of play doh toys with easy-to-use tools for preschool crafts and open-ended exploration.

Our well-rounded child philosophy. When kids are little and still learning, toys like the frog ‘n colors set can help them explore matching, sorting, fine motor skills, and their creative imaginations.

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