Play Doh Care Carry Vet


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Play Doh Care Carry Vet

This toy vet kit for kids 3 years and up lets them get creative and play pretend veterinarian. It is up to them to groom and care for the adorable toy dog.

Make the doggy grow a long play-doh tongue and silly play-doh hair from its ears and back. Kids can also Mold pretend fleas; pick them off with the tweezers, and style up the pup.

Take along carrier. Storage and on the go fun all in one. The play pet carrier also features fun Molds to make play-doh medicine, bows, and more.

10 vet themed play-doh tools. Stamp with the toy stethoscope, fill in the thermometer make 5 different bandage styles, give the pup a haircut with the play scissors, and more.

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