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Pet Shower Head Grooming Tool For Dogs

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Pet Shower Head Grooming Tool For Dogs 

The perfect pet bathing tool:

Pet shower sprayer with evenly placed soft needles provides a real spa experience for your pet and reduces stress for pets every time.

Upgraded connector with cleaning tools, adding connectors for the top shower and bathroom/kitchen faucet.

It can be easily connected to your bathtub, shower, outdoor faucet or garden hose to improve the long hose!

Now your dog cannot hide at the far end of the bathtub where the shower hose is out of reach.

Easier and relaxing bath: you will wash your dog with home-style splashing water when you wash your dog, but you will use one hand to move your pet, and on the other hand to control their pet bathing tools, soft pet shower hose can Feel free to bend and clean any part of the pet’s body.  

The leash is suitable for any palm.

Both adults and children like to use a pet bathing tool to bathe the dog.

Let your pet feel like a spa treatment.


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