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Lubbeez 007 Stunt Ride On Car

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Lubbeez 007 Stunt Ride On Car

Suitable for up too 5 Years

6v battery powered kids ride on

Music player

Led lights

The Lubbeez 007 Stunt Ride On Car is an exciting battery-powered ride-on designed for young adventurers. Here are some key features of this thrilling toy:

Power Source: It operates on a 6V battery.

Stunt Capabilities: The Lubbeez 007 allows kids to perform stunts, making playtime more dynamic and fun.

Music Player: It comes equipped with a built-in music player, adding an auditory dimension to the adventure.

LED Lights: The ride-on car features LED lights that enhance the visual experience.

Color Options: You can choose between white or red versions.

Whether your little one is racing around the living room or performing daring maneuvers in the backyard, the Lubbeez 007 Stunt Ride On Car promises hours of joy and endless memories! 


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