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Laser Level Pro 3

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Laser Level Pro 3

  • A handy all-in-1 tool which you must.
  • Features:
  • Ideal for any jobs that requires a Straight line or accurate measurement.
  • Use this multipurpose laser level for hanging pictures, installing shelving, laying flooring, hanging wallpaper and
  • Projects horizontal and vertical, laser light beam
  • Locking 8-foot (2.5m) measuring tape.
  • Laser wavelength: 650nm-680nm.
  • Standard and metric rulers.
  • Laser light has an on/off power switch.
  • Laser max output: less than 0.5mW
  • Powered by 3x AG13 button cell
  • Battery
  • Approx Size: 185 (L) x 62(H) x 28
  • Approx Weight: 180g

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