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Kiddies Knitting Machine

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Kiddies Knitting Machine For Sale

This weaving machine is easy to understand, safe, and simple in appearance. It can exercise the child’s coordination ability, enhance the child’s observation ability and thinking ability, create a new thinking for the child, and let the child have a sense of accomplishment! Is the best gift for children!
woven scarf, woven hat, weaving, knitting socks, etc.
1. selection mode: P or T
2. import wool: bring the wool into the inside
3. density of choice: there are 3 choices. The smallest hole is the smallest density. The larger the opening, the greater the density.
4. start knitting: the rotating handle can be woven
+Material: abs plastic.
+Discover the delights of knitting! Knit your own scarf, hats, and even a sweater with this knitting machine. Just thread the yarn into the spindles and turn the crank to knit your very own scarves, hats, or sweater.
+Professional features 40 needles, With its larger diameter, you can create even more personalised knitted pieces with a few turns of the hand
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