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Intex Folding Chair

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Intex Folding Chair

Never go hunting for a pool chair again with this Intex Lounge Folding. Bring the Intex Folding Lounge-Chair with you and always have a spot at or on the pool!

This inflatable chair can be used as a floating pool lounge with a leg rest, or folded up to be used as an armchair. It has comfortable arm and backrests to support you in either position.

The unique cresting wave design looks cool and the rainbow colors make it extra attractive. The 3 air chambers feel cushioned and make sure the chair won’t deflate from a tiny hole.

Whether you want to sit in a chair by the pool or stretch out and lounge in the water, the Intex Folding Lounge-Chair gives you the option.

  • Inflatable folding lounge chair
  • Don’t sacrifice comfort out on the water!
  • Comfortable full armrests and headrest
  • Can be a poolside chair or inflatable water lounge
  • 3 air chambers for added safety
  • Seats 1 person
  • Repair patch included
  • Recommended for adults
  • Color: White with rainbow stripes

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