Fashion Angels Tie Dye Bracelet Kit


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Fashion Angels Tie Dye Bracelet Kit

Wear your story loud and proud with our tie dye bracelets kit. Learn the art of tie dye while creating some of the most colourful and beautiful name, message or story bracelets around.

This kit comes with 5 jersey fabric strips, alphabet cube beads, 4 colours of dye, a pair of nonlatex gloves and easy to follow instructions.

Parents will love the fact that the dye is premeasured in the capped spray bottles; just add water and unleash your creativity. The simple instructions make designing these bracelets so easy you will want to share them with everyone.

Its a great artistic and creative way to get away from the screen and its a fabulous for any gifting occasion. The perfect kit for any fashionista that wants to make a bold; colourful statement.

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