Electronic Mosquito and Insect Killer Night Lamp


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Electronic Mosquito and Insect Killer Night Lamp

Sleep Peacefully At Night And Don’t Worry About Any Insects Or Mosquitos That Might Bug You!

Multifunction Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp
Low Power Consumption, High Performance Of The Anti-Mosquito
Simply Remove The Outer Plastic Shell And Discard Dead Mosquitoes Or Gnats.
Great For Places Where Pesticides Can’t Be Sprayed Like Home, Hotel, Restaurant, School, Park.
Designed High Voltage Will Kill The Insects, But Not Dangerous To People
Blue Light Effectively Allures Flying Insect To Approach An Electronically Charged Metal Grid, And Kill Them.
No Poisons, No Smelly, No Harmful Chemicals, Cleanliness And Health.
Simply Plug In The Bug Zapper Into An Electrical Outlet So That Flying Or Crawling Insects Nearby Will Be Attracted To The Light And Approach The Electronically Charged Metal Grid Which Will Result In Their Electrocution.

Material: Plastic
Colour: Black,Blue
Frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage: 220 V
Size: 26 X 12.6 X 12cm (Approx.)
Line Length: 90cm

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