Electric Fly Trap


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Electric Fly Trap For Sale

This Product Uses Physical Methods To Kill Flies, Unlike Pesticides, Which Pollute The Environment.

The Energy Consumption Is Lower Than The Mosquito Killing Lamp, Simple And Easy To Operate, Convenient To Use, Durable And Efficient, And Is Very Novel.

Ideal For Family Picnics, Home, Restaurant Or Dining-Hall.
Rotate To Catch A Fly, A Safe, Hygienic And Chemical Free Way.

How To Use:

Put A Few Drops Of Honey In The Trough
Plug In The Power Supply
Turn The Plate And It Will Start To Work

Light, Small Volume, Easy To Clean.
Get Rid Of Flies, Or Unwanted Insects.
A Safety Button To Activate On/Off.
Physical Methods To Kill Flies, Eco-Friendly And Non-Toxic
Lower Energy Consumption, Simple And Easy To Operate, Convenient To Use
Quiet And Efficient

Colour: White
Material: Plastic


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