Cry Babies Fantasy Hannah


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Cry Babies Fantasy Hannah

Meet cry babies Hannah, our cute fox baby doll. The adorable cry babies hannah lives in a fantasy world and wears beautiful pyjamas.

She is a cute baby doll with interactive play features she makes real baby sounds and cries real tear when she is filled with water and when you take away her dummy. Put her dummy back in again or she wont stop crying and she’ll cry even louder.

You can also soothe her by rocking her gently or lying her down. Children enjoy playing with dolls; imitating their parent’s behavior. By dressing and caring for their dolls; they develop & learn important social and emotional skills; like empathy.

Cry baby doll hannah comes with an attached dummy and changeable animal onesie. Doll dimensions approx. 30 cm tall . Fully articulated head; arms and legs for added play value. . 2 aaa batteries included . Perfect for kids ages 18 months and up

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