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Baby Jungle Jumper

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Baby Jungle Jumper

  • Baby jumpers are the trampolines for babies.
  • They have more structure, and they’ll contain your baby better. 
  • They provide exercise and entertainment for your little one and can be a sanity saver in your home.
  • This stationary jumper is Baby jumpers are the trampolines for babies, even without turning the activity centre on.
  • That being said, it features an activity centre on the tray that plays sounds and music and includes exciting lights.
  • The 360 degrees rotating seat lets your baby play and interact from any side.
  • It also includes two large leaves that overhang from the top creating a sort of canopy, promoting your child to reach up and extend her arms.
  • The springs are covered to protect little fingers from getting pinched.
  • The jungle jumper comes with three height adjustments to accommodate babies of various heights.
  • It’s easy to take down and can be tucked away when not in use.
  • The ability to fold it also makes it easier to transport from one room to another.
  • Variable height settings, removable machine-washable seat pad

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