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Baby Hammock

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Baby Hammock

Wooden stand parts are made of Beech Wood. The stand made of Beech Wood is sturdy and allows light and easy transportation. Thanks to the unique design of the wooden stand, it can be easily assembled and disassembled. It can be easily transported wherever it is desired without taking up space. Thanks to its cotton fabric hammock structure, it wraps the baby and creates an environment similar to the mother’s womb environment for babies. Thus, babies feel safe as they are in the mother’s womb, and newborn and colic babies who suffer from gas pain thanks to their safe release stay asleep more comfortably and for a long time. This situation makes a positive contribution to the development of the baby from the first months of life. The lying position of the baby in the hammock supports the posture of the spine and prevents the development of spinal curvature.

The product is sent as disassembled. Thanks to the easy installation guide, it takes 5 minutes. It can be easily disassembled and installed inside.

Product dimensions; Width 66 cm / Length 150 cm / Load Capacity (Maximum): 20 kg / Product Weight Approx: 8.0 kg



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