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Baby Fitness Frame

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Baby Fitness Frame

Infant Toddlers Baby Gym Arch Musical Light Fitness Activity Grab Toys Baby Gym, Item Is Packed In A Colorful Box Which Makes It A Perfect Gift Idea!

The Hanging Ring Bell Can Be Dismounted For Playing And Babies Also Can Nibble Or Teething Gel On The Ring Belt, Which Will Promote Tooth Development Of Babies.

Three Months Old Babies Can Lie And Touch The Ring Belt With Their Small Teeth Or Hands, Which Will Promote The Development Of Arm And Leg Muscles.

Six Months Old Babies Can Sit And Play The Hanging Ring Bell, Which Will Train Grasping Capability And Flexibility Of Babies Small Hands.

The Cognition Of Different Colors And Shapes, Nine Months Old Babies Can Learn To Stand Up With The Help Of Activity Gym.

Is your child too old to lie on the mats that come with the sets? Or maybe you have your own mat, which is your baby’s favorite? Then there is no reason to buy a set with a mat – the rattle stand is the perfect solution for you!

A portable stand is a great toy for a child who loves to sunbathe! Suspended toys are a great solution to keep your child’s attention. On the sides of the stand there are rotary rattles that can be rotated by the child. Colorful elements catch the eye, and the upper part can confidently fulfil decorative functions. The stand is equipped with additional feet to improve its stability.

The kit includes:

– Frame in green and yellow colours,
– Rotary ratchets
– Two pendants in the shape of happy creatures


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