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Baby Alive Glam Spa Baby Mermaid

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Baby Alive Glam Spa Baby Mermaid

Paint baby’s nails and toes. With this toy for kids ages 3 and up, fill the pretend nail polish bottle with ice cold water and use brush to reveal a fun magenta color on her fingernails and toenails.

Makeup reveal with doll face mask. Soak mask in ice cold water and place on doll’s face. peel it off to see her dazzling eye makeup. This baby alive doll is a cute makeup themed toy for girls and boys. Mermaid themed accessories and brushable purple streaked hair. Includes spa doll accessories, such as a towel wrap, doll mask, pretend nail polish bottle, and a comb for her vibrant ponytail. Play in or out of the water. Glam spa baby doll offers so many ways to play. After spa time, kids can help this 12.6 inch waterplay doll take a pretend swim and dry off with a cozy mermaid towel wrap.



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